Caleb Rodriguez

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Fungi | March 13th, 2014 | 101 Practical Uses for Essential Oils

The tea tree was the native Australians’ secret until they shared it with British seamen around 1732. They actually served Captain Cook and his men a brew made from the leaves, and the name stuck (British think a lot of tea), though ingesting it isn’t considered safe today. The essential oil distilled from tea tree leaves stuck too, in Western culture, as doctors learned its value, especially as an antifungal agent.

For fungal infections on the skin, like ringworm or athlete’s foot, many people can use it right out of the bottle, but since everyone has different skin sensitivities, find the dilution that’s best for you. Test a tiny drop first on an uninfected area and wait for a few minutes. If it burns or itches, dilute it with a good carrier oil until you find the right solution. Rub it over the infected skin daily.