Caleb Rodriguez

Comment on "Trick or Treat?"

Your Origins Matter | November 12th, 2012 | Trick or Treat?

I prefer to call October 31's celebration "Death and Witchcraft Day." Never before has negotiation with demons been so innocently charming. Never before has death been so fun.

Man loves thrill obsessively. To play with great, mysterious powers without getting hurt compares with the popular indulgence in high-speed or gravity-defying sports.

Or maybe Man has figured he should try loving death, the only power he knows that commands his destiny. He will not believe there is a loving Father in Heaven, only evil spirits to barter with; or a resurrection to save from earthly chaos and outer darkness, only miserable degeneration and annihilation. He therefore attempts to accept hopelessness, and his pitiful state finds a kind of kinship in the works of darkness.

As the pope and his totalitarian empire maintained a grip of superstition on medieval Europe, one man stirred a movement to discover the power of God's word, the light of Man. That is cause for celebration.