Caleb Rodriguez

Comment on "The Fallen King of Silicon Valley"

Emily Chang via LinkedIn | January 28th, 2014 | The Fallen King of Silicon Valley

[The article covered an interview with billionaire Tom Perkins, where he pointed out the general hatred and marginalization of the rich.]

I am not rich. I really do not have any rich ancestors. But I have a kinship with the rich men who reach the top of the same ladder I am just starting on–the ladder of ingenuity, hard work, and good fortune.

In other places, the rich are the tyrants, yes. But this is America, the place where the common man is still free (so far) to surmount the obstacles of life if he wants. Today, though, we say, “It's not fair that so-and-so is successful and I'm not,” and they are demonized and punished, until the few that still have the determination to succeed are discouraged by our fading freedoms and the whining mass of entitlementalists.

I don't know much about Perkins, but I applaud his message.