Caleb Rodriguez

Comment on "Old World Leaders: The God Complex: Belief"

Old World Leaders | June 8th, 2013 | The God Complex: Belief

Such an atheist as you described refuses to submit to a God that does not fit his preference. A sovereign God can devise His own laws, so it could not really be logic that he is worried about. If God wisely deemed it best that Man of his freewill would rebel, He is no less God for exercising such transcendent wisdom. The conflict he thinks is logical is between who God says He is and what the atheist thinks He ought to be by his own depraved desire. His rebellion forces himself into a mental block that prevents an open-hearted reconsideration of God's nature.

The atheist cannot disprove the existence of God, as his very use of logic demonstrates. He refuses to respond to the God he knows exists, and his logical refutations are attempts at establishing a replacement god by esteeming himself as a judge of existence, his refutation of God a bravado display of self-elevation. The term "atheist" is not really accurate, then. It might be, rather, "antitheist." (Perhaps you could join me in the propagation of a new word.)

This is a very relevant topic, because it is a very common argument. In a discussion with an antitheist, would you go beyond pointing out the inescapable presence of God in his logic, which you have here done well, to explaining why God, submissively defined, permits evil? Perhaps this could be your next article.