Caleb Rodriguez

Comment on “It's OK; They Love Each Other”

Your Origins Matter | August 1st, 2012 | "It's OK; They Love Each Other"

One of the greatest intellectual strongholds in modern society is the purported supremacy of the human appetites over transcendent law. It is beyond question that marital affections powerfully drive the desires of the human mind. If, therefore, Man has no higher authority than himself, the instincts he finds within himself become law, and, like the beasts, he roams the earth in search of satisfaction, a thorough pragmatist restrained only by practical necessity. (Hence, the statement, "It's okay, they love each other!" meaning, whatever is stemming from affection is lawful.)

Yet our authority of life, the God-inspired Holy Bible, defines Man as, first, a creature, subject to the design and guidance of his Creator, and, second, fallen into rebellion against the Creator, entangled in a corrupt nature that works death within him continually. Without a full acknowledgement of God, he is both disoriented and doomed.

Instincts, therefore, must be guided by the external Authority that is perfectly good and gracious if prosperity is to trump death. Jesus imparts this guidance in Matthew 19, quoting from the historical account of Genesis for precedence, saying that because of the created order of God where the man and woman were designed to need each other in the daily functions of life, affections are tools of bonding within the consensual, permanent union we call marriage.

The idea of the intellectual control of the appetites is severely counter-cultural, which is okay, seeing culture is on a death-spiral anyway.