Caleb Rodriguez

Chamomile and Lavender Oils for Headaches | March 13th, 2014 | 101 Practical Uses for Essential Oils

Headaches are miserable things. They wander into the door uninvited and hang around as long as they want, and it doesn’t seem to phase them that they are unwanted. We wish we could rebuke them, and they just go.

The real tactic is to ease them out the way they came, with a couple authorities that are hard to argue with–the chamomile and lavender oils.

Blend 9 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of chamomile oil into an ounce of a good carrier oil, like almond or jojoba. Put a drop or two on your fingers and massage onto your forehead and the back of your neck.

Hey, and keep this mixture close by for the next unexpected visit. Fill a dropper bottle and drop it in a purse or pocket.

Note: It’s kind of funny, but some headaches have their own personality and respond differently to this duo. We suggest smelling both essential oils at the onset of a headache to check if this is the case with you.