Caleb Rodriguez

Bee Points: How They're Used (unpublished)

March 12th, 2014

We’ve got this nifty system set up that gives rewards for the little, helpful things you do on our website–or just for placing an order. We call them Bee Points, and they can be spent online whenever you want, however much you want. (Some of you are already pros, but this can be a refresher.)

Your Balance Statement

One point is worth one cent. So 100 is worth a dollar, 1,000 is worth 10 dollars, and so forth. You can see your current balance of Bee Points in the upper right corner of the website when you’re logged in. If you haven’t signed in to your account yet, that area will be blank. If you happen to have zero points, it’ll say “You have 0 Bee Points.” Image of Bee Points Balance

You can also view your points balance on your “dashboard” by clicking My Account at the top of the page. You’ll see “Points Summary” with your balance and the expiration date. Yes, your points expire in about a year and three months after your last order (i.e., 450 days), which still gives you plenty of time between orders.

We send you a cute little e-mail every month with your points balance summary to keep you up to speed.

How to spend your Bee Points

It’s really easy to apply your Bee Points to an order. It’s basically a discount on the whole order. Here’s how:

You apply your Bee Points before you check out. When you’re ready to check out, first go to the shopping cart (the “My Cart” button on the top) and slide the slider under Bee Points Slider “Spend your points” to Image of Bee Points Slider where the amount you want to spend. If you just want to spend them all, just check “Maximize my discount” and the slider will jump to the end. Then you can proceed to the checkout.

The short version–adjust the slider in the shopping cart, then checkout. :-)

You can’t spend points over the phone or in the mail, but you still earn them, and they’ll be waiting for you the next time you go online.

On our end

For you compassionate ones–don’t worry; we don’t ultimately lose money. The things you do on our website, reviewing, tagging, liking, etc., help our business in the long run, so there really is a money value that we turn into rewards. Earning points for an order? That’s because it gives you incentive to come back for another order, since Bee Points are made just for our website.

How to earn points

That’s for next week’s article. Stay tuned through Facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed, or just drop by here at the blog every couple days or so.

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