Caleb Rodriguez

You can call me Caleb. I paint and sing and muse with those sequences of symbols we call text. Not for pretty things to listen to, mind you. I believe words should communicate truth in all its beauty and penetrating power. I relate to the mood of my audience and my subject alike, but only to nudge them, if possible, to higher levels of excellence. Within this single theme you might find me speaking playfully, with a bouncy, easy touch, or with dead seriousness, with an analytic and authoritative attitude. (See my writing samples for examples.)

With such a mission, any subject goes. So far I've written mostly on theology, health, and nature. Subjects are always broader than me, so I'd rather wade through the mud of endless information to find the gem that will appropriately set off my work than to settle for the superficial stuff at hand. And I always, always, always will use proper punctuation, for better ease of reading and my own sanity.

I am a Christian. You can also call me that, for it is the reality that gives my existence purpose, real purpose, of reconciliation to the God we've slandered, of the restoration of world we've corrupted, of hope after death. Don't be offended if you disagree; the outcome of my life, I humbly trust, will resonate with your own innate ideals.

So now, what do I do for fun? Everybody asks that. Well...

I write.

Sorry; I mean, I love this work. Getting money for it is like getting free candy in a way. (Don't take that too seriously.)

Besides that, I sing, play ultimate frisbee, remodel investment houses, read theology, shoot guns, ski, and eat cheese. I eat other things too, actually, but cheese is to me what coffee and chocolate are to everyone else. I'm a suburbs guy trying to harmonize with the rugged country I've always loved. I'm a family man to the core. For now, it's my sister and brothers, mom and dad. Someday (soon, hopefully) it'll be, God willing, a wife and children.

Flip through my writing samples for a rundown of my work. Check out my LinkedIn profile. I post regularly on Google+, too.